Specialty Soaps

bug_repellent_soapCamping Mosquito Soap the year that the CDC came out with a press release stating the lemon eucalyptus oil was a good, natural alternative to Deet, we couldn’t keep the Mosquito soap in stock. Ever since then, we’ve used that press release as a selling point. All the essential oils in this soap and present because they have a tendency to repell different types of bugs. Anyone who grows lavender knows that you never need to used pesticides on it because bugs naturally stay away from it. Citronella has always been known to keep nasty little bugs away. The Cedarwood oil in the soap, reminds us of how pet bedding is usually filled with cedar chips in order to deter fleas.However, the best testimonial for the Mosquito soap comes directly from our customers. We’ve been making this soap for over six years and anyone who has tried it comes back every summer to stock up on it. Mothers often buy it for their children for playing out in the yard. We go camping a few times a year and I can personally say that whenever I bath in the Mosquito soap, I never have a problem with getting a mosquito bite or a tick on me. When camping, we even wash our hair in it.




cornmeal gardening soapCornmeal Gardening Soap
lots of gritty stuff here to help get off all that good gardening dirt.After a day of digging in the garden, dirty hands need a little extra something. Plenty of yellow and white cornmeal and pumice to help scrub away the grime. The blend of orange, eucalyptus and spearmint essential oils restore the smell of fresh, clean hands.




coffee soapCoffee Kitchen Soap
a heavy dose of strong coffee grounds in soap acts as a deodorizer. Used in the kitchen, it removes the smell of garlic and onion from the hands. Great for chefs and those who look to cook. Dark coffee grounds and powdered cocoa.



shaving soapShaving Soap
The shaving soap is really simple to use – just lather up as if you were going to wash and instead of rinsing, shave! Essential oils of peppermint and a dash of cinnamon to stimulate the whiskers. The addition of bentonite clay and superfatting with castor oil give it a slick, slippery lather – perfect for shaving. Organic powdered oats added.