Best Seller Soap List

Here you will find the list of our top ten best selling soaps. They are all offered in bars, soap loaves, and soap blocks. Click on each type and it will take you to the page where you can purchase them in bulk and wholesale. Of course, ALL of our soaps sell well in our store and for our soap by the loaf customers. These ten, however, are the ones that most customers add to their cart with almost every bulk order — making them the ‘best sellers.’

garden mint soap
Garden Mint – our own blend of lavender, spearmint, rosemary and peppermint with the same botanicals included. No matter what other soap we come up with, nothing ever replaces the fact that the Garden Mint soap (known as Garden Gate on our retail site) has always been the best seller. It has three times more botanicals than other other soap with 2 full cups of lavender buds and a cup of mint leaves in every 36 bar batch. With the combination of essential oils and the added honey, one sniff lets everyone know why it is the number one seller.

lemongrass soap
Lemongrass Sage – this soap is a combo of lemongrass and clary sage oil, not to be confused with regular cooking sage. Clary Sage is known for having properties that mimic the female hormone while lemongrass is uplifting to the spirits. When the two are mixed together, it creates a blend that is said to be good for depression, PMS and menopause. Men buy it for the great smell. Women like it for the properties and the great scent. Number four best selling soap.

goats milk soap
Oatmeal Milk and Honey -smells just like a poundcake and extra honey is great for dry skin. People love oatmeal soap, honey soap and milk soaps — here, you’ve got it all. our oatmeal honey soap is probably our second-best seller. It is perfect for the person that wants absolutely no essential oils or scent in their soap.

lavender patchouli soap
Lavender Patchouli – pretty & down to earth, the two oils combined are out of this world. even customers that aren’t fans of patchouli seem to love the lavender patchouli soap, anyway. The blend is mainly lavender with just the right about of patchouli added to the soap batch the enhance the scent of the lavender. When patchouli is added to another essential oil in a small amount, it often amplifies the primary scent used. Men and woman both are equal fans of the lavender patchouli soap.

clove soap
Clove – real powdered clove & clove essential oil. on our retail site, the clove soap is the most frequently ordered. Most likely because clove soap is extremely difficult to make. The clove has a tendency to accelerate the saponification process and turns the batch of soap into a solid mass in a short amount of top. It takes a soap maker with experience and the ability to work quickly to make clove soap. Men are the top buyers of the clove soap but many women pick up the bar and just love it.

lavender rosemary wholesale soap
Lavender Rosemary – some customers reach for this soap because of the pretty purple swirl in it. Once they pick it up and sniff, the blend of the two essential oils reminds you of a massage, mainly because most massage therapists use these two oils together in their massage oils. Mainly female customers but most come back for more because their husband helped use it up. Our third best selling bar of soap. The scent of the lavender oil is relaxing and the good dose of rosemary oil centers and balances the mind.

lavender soap
Lavender – essential oil and lavender buds. A favorite among natural soap lovers. Who hasn’t heard of lavender soap? This magical plant has healing powers that make it a popular ingredient in soap. Lavender says it all in its name. Older women pick up this bar of soap first but younger women, who have been hearing about the benefits of aromatherapy and essential oils, are pulled to it for a new reason. Just the fresh scent of pure lavender oil and includes lavender flower buds. We always keep a bar of this in our own shower.

minty eucalyptus soap
Minty Eucalyptus – just a straight eucalyptus oil with a touch of Peppermint oil for jazz. this soap and was created after several customers requested a little more SOMETHING added to the plain eucalyptus soap. Bright green in color with flecks of spearmint leaves and peppermint essential oil blended with the eucalyptus. Men love this one.

bug repellent soap
Camping Mosquito – the year that the CDC came out with a press release stating the lemon eucalyptus oil was a good, natural alternative to Deet, we couldn’t keep the Mosquito soap in stock. Ever since then, we’ve used that press release as a selling point. All the essential oils in this soap and present because they have a tendency to repell different types of bugs. Anyone who grows lavender knows that you never need to used pesticides on it because bugs naturally stay away from it. Citronella has always been known to keep nasty little bugs away. The Cedarwood oil in the soap, reminds us of how pet bedding is usually filled with cedar chips in order to deter fleas.

Chamomile – Just like our gentle baby soap, the chamomile face bar is 65% olive oil. the higher amount of olive oil in this bar is what makes it a face soap, boasting 65% olive oil. It also contains palmarosa oil which is said to be skin reparative and the chamomile is known for being gentle on the skin. We add chamomile tea to this batch during the soap making process that helps to create an extra creamy lather.