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Gasoline has caused UPS costs to rise INSANELY and is causing some customers to order less frequently.

So, we have this idea. What if we were to slightly change the size of our soap loaves (and the prices, accordingly) to fit in Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes?

How big of a change?

Let’s use a loaf of lavender for example. Right now, a loaf of lavender is $24.00 and you can get 12, 4 oz bars out of it. With our change, the lavender loaf would be $20 and you could get 10, 4 ounce bars of soap from the loaf.

6 loaves of the new sized soap would fit into a large Flat Rate box for only $14.65 – whether you live in Connecticut or California. Recently, a California customer ordered 9 loaves of soap and the box cost $43.00!

Please take the poll below and let us know what you think of this new idea.

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How do you feel about our idea to lower the cost of shipping soap loaves?

example of USPS Priority large box versus UPS

Graph above from the article: 7 Reasons to Consider USPS Flat Rate Shipping
Note: above rates in graph are based on the author of the original article shipping from Idaho. We ship from Nashville, TN.